Cooked Beef/ Tubes

Frozen Cooked Beef is used in many different sectors of industrial food production. The use of cooked beef saves time and work and is therefore a great advantage for the food industry. One more advantage is a minimal loss of weight when it is heated during the production process.


We offer a great variety of standardized Cooked Beef products in two main categories: in Tubes  and as IQF (Individually Quick Frozen).


These products can be custom-made – according to your individual demand and specifications!


TDCmax. 8 %min. 27%1,5 – 2 %24 months5 tubes per carton
CPMmax. 10 %min. 24%1,5 – 2 %24 months5 tubes per carton
CPBmax. 10 %min. 22%1,5 – 2 %24 months5 tubes per carton
CRDmax. 5 %min. 30 %24 months5 tubes per carton
SC 9max. 5 %min. 27 %max. 2 %min. 25 % beffe24 months5 tubes per carton
Cooked Eyerounds in Vinegar max. 5 %min. 24 %max. 1,5 %with 15 % vinegar
Minced Beef, 6 mm grainsmax. 10 %min. 25 %24 months


All articles are produced under strictest hygienic conditions according to HACCP scheme and BRC certification!

The high standards demanded by the European Food Industry are maintained at all times, guaranteed and ensured.

For the production of ready-meals such as goulash, stew, soups, salads, sauces etc. we can offer our full assistance and bring in all our experience.