Welcome! We would like to give you an overview of our range of quality beef products, which we import directly from South America.

Our products

High quality beef products

High quality beef products

Three countries - Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay – one Brand "SAVANNA"! Allows our clients more flexibility in their own marketing strategies and ensures continuity and regularity within our whole product range.

Producers from South America

Producers from South America

In order to guarantee the most reliable service and to maintain the highest quality of our products from start to finish, we have chosen the most renowned and respected producers from South-America as our partners.

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Our client’s wishes are final and nothing is too difficult when it comes to meeting your demands!

The very simple reasons for the exceptional taste of South American Beef is, happy and healthy cattle!

They live free and graze the grassland they have in sheer abundance:
Quality you can taste!

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