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Boneless Beef Cuts are mostly used for the restaurant and high class
catering industry. The growing awareness for quality and the demand for young steer beef by the modern consumer has put South American Beef on the menu in most European countries.

Having discovered the great taste of South American Striploins, Fillets and Rumps in restaurants, consumers are now looking to find the same quality products at their local supermarkets and butchers. The demand for South American beef has steadily grown over the past years.

Out of our regular programe for Chilled and Frozen Boneless Cuts, we offer:

Fillet 2-3 lbs. Chain off
Fillet 3-4 lbs. Chain off
Fillet 4-5 lbs. Chain off
Fillet 5+ lbs. Chain off         
Heart of Rump (Rumpsteak)                                                  

Striploin chain off 3,5 kg +
Striploin chain on 5-6 kg
Striploin chain on 6 kg +

We also offer various special trim for example :

Center Piece Fillets- cut from 3-4 lbs. or 4-5 lbs. fillet
Striploins Scan trim skin off - chain off, totally defatted, skinless
Striploins without or with half the chain

All articles are available under the brand SAVANNA







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